About SEED

SEED – the portal for Sharing and Enabling Environmental Data – has been developed with and for the community of NSW, as a central place for everyone to find data about the environment.

Initially containing publicly accessible Land, Air and Water data from NSW Government agencies, SEED will grow over time as more and different types of environmental data are added.

Who can use SEED?

SEED is for everyone who wants to:

  • learn more about the environment in your local area
  • see the data that is being used to make environmental decisions
  • manage land and ensure its long term sustainability
  • access data for research and advisory purposes
  • help protect our environmental and cultural heritage.

How do I use SEED?

With SEED, you can search for environmental data and view it on the built-in map. You can overlay different types of data to gain a more complete picture of environmental conditions in a particular location. SEED also provides resources that assist you to understand the data, and links to the data in various formats should you wish to download it.

Information about how to use SEED can be found under the 'Help' link at the top of any page.

What is different about SEED?

  • SEED represents a collaborative effort between government agencies to provide environmental data in a single source, rather than separately.
  • SEED provides a medium to visualise data without requiring scientific expertise or specialist mapping software.
  • SEED has been the catalyst for applying Creative Commons licensing to many data sources for the first time, for making data accessible in a standard format (through web services), and for improving the Metadata and Data Quality Statements that provide essential background information.
  • SEED provides a medium for publishing and giving visibility to new environmental data.