Contact us

Please send an email to the Citizen Science Hub admin on [email protected] if you:

  • Encounter a problem with your account, another hub user or project
  • Want to provide feedback 
  • Want to link data to your project (please refer to the project guide before contacting admin)
  • Any other reason if deemed appropriate

Please make sure your inquiry is as clear as possible including the title of the email so we can respond to you efficiently.

Before contacting admin please make sure that you have checked whether your inquiry can be addressed using the following pages:

  • If you need help with how to use the hub please refer to the how to use the hub page 
  • If you need help setting up a project refer to our project guide
  • For general questions check out our FAQ page
  • If you have specific questions about a particular project then email the corresponding Project Organiser. You can do this by either searching for the project or for the Project Organiser's name.
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